Customers and Projects

INGASUR 95 RIUDOMS, It has developed projects together with other big companies. Between the companies with which INGASUR 95 RIUDOMS has collaborated and collaborates, we emphasize the following ones:

Big projects, conduits of gas extraction, assembly, structures, pipelines and supports…

Asesa’s jetty

We have realized several works in the Asesa’s jetty. One of them consisted of having inserted valves of big dimensions to the pipelines that connect with the port of Tarragona. Against the clock there spread out a wide human equipment that between other works, made and mounted the new lines of provisional pipelines and gave support to the assembly of four arms of the load.

Conduits of gas extractions

We make conduits of made-to-measure extraction and according to needs of the client. From galvanized sheet, we plan, cylinder and adapt the materials to obtain an installation of gas extraction as the work that appears in Industrial Sedó.

Industry and Assembly of structures

We make and mount all kinds of structures. Following standards of industrial plants and according to clients’ requests. The following structure was made time behind of our Riudoms’s facilities. As the structure for the transom of a hotel in Salou.

Industry and assembly of pipelines and supports

INGASUR 95 RIUDOMS has taken part in the prefabricació and the assembly of the lines of pipelines and accessories of the project UOP and other projects as Repsol’s T69, prefabricating more than 20.000 inches.

Other Projects

Other projects in which we have taken part successfully are:

  •  logistic Support in you change stops of REPSOL, BAYER, BASF, CN VANDELLÓS …
  •  Maintenance in Borges I, Borges II and Villablanca’s Sanatorium.
  •  Unfolding of the gas pipeline BVV, section of the Arborç.
  •  Assembly of the park of Tanks to BIONET’s plant EUROPE.
  •  Adequacy and Assembly of containers buried in you change slums of the city of Tarragona.
  • Assembly of turbine and lines of pipelines to BP Oil Castellón · Manufacture of pipelines and structures to the plant TERQUIMSA.
  • Manufacture of supports and closings to the air pipelines to pressure in Platform Casablanca (REPSOL).
  • Extension of Puertollano’s Refinery.
Services and Activities

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We Follow the safety rules at all time and in all the works.
It is a leading company to the sector of the mechanical assembly. Founded 1995, know us!

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