Ingasur 95 Riudoms

INGASUR 95 RIUDOMS, It is a leading company in the sector of the mechanical assembly. Founded 1995, since then the company has centred on his activity on the assembly of pipelines, boiler and the manufacture of metallic structures. His wide human equipment is specialized in realizing special welds, the assembly of devices to pressure, the manufacture of metallic structures as well as in the maintenance for the chemical industries.

On INGASUR 95 RIUDOMS – In 1995 Tarragona was living through his major industrial expansion. In this context there was born the company INGASUR-95 S.L. to give solutions of industrial assembly to great and varied industries of the zone. In a little time, INGASUR 95 turned into a model of the sector. With numerous works realized successfully to his back, at the beginning of the year 2009 the entity would happen to turn into INGASUR 95 RIUDOMS, S.L. The company was moving then his main headquarters to a new modern facilities placed in the Industrial area “El Prat” in Riudoms (Tarragona).

From his foundation, this company has been increasing his field of application adapting to the needs of his clients. Nowadays it continues working with zeal to serve with guarantees all his clients. The maxims of this company continue being the quality and the safety.

Our service is personalized and always adapted to the needs of our customers

We have developed important projects together with other big companies
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C/ Tarragona, 3 Pol. Ind. El Prat 

43330 RIUDOMS (Tarragona)


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