Quality and Safety

INGASUR 95 RIUDOMS, still follows the safety rules at all time and in all the works to obtain the best results. It is a will of the management of the entity to comply with all the legal, current and future requirements, on safety and hygiene. To obtain it, one forms due to all the employees in order that they carry out in a coordinated way and without possible risks all the tasks. Likewise, we have a room of formation wherein way it continues procedures and actions are stimulated to reduce to the minimum the labour accident rate. The quality politics of the entity is ruled by the beginning of achieving that the products and services that offer themselves our clients are of the awaited level of satisfaction.

INGASUR 95 RIUDOMS is due registered by the Nuclear Security Council to operate inside the nuclear complexes. In addition, he is an authorized installer of devices to pressure and networks against fires. INGASUR 95 RIUDOMS has the necessary permissions to produce in the chemical plants and the audits overcome on the part of AEQT / AEST. Likewise, we possess the certifications ISO 9001 and the OHSAS 18001 and ISO 1090.

SGS - ISO 45001
SGS ISO 90001

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