INGASUR 95 RIUDOMS S.L. chases to satisfy the needs and expectations of all the Clients and of the whole personal collaborator of the entity. It we obtain it by means of the fulfillment of the regulation and legal applicable requirements, the signed requirements related to his dangers for the Security and Health in the Work, as well as of the established ones for the procedure UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

From 1995, INGASUR began in the philosophy of Total Quality. This decision implies offering the better thing of one itself in all the fields of our action. In the commercial field one tries to carry out a strategy of exact prices offering the maximum rapidity and well to do in the service. With the manufacture of products finished of high quality using the best raw materials and available technologies on the market. In the field of the Human Resources our model leads us to considering the employee to be the capital and principal assets of the signature. INGASUR specialized workforce sells for what we have a qualified, formed and proactive insole. A year one comes year investing in formation so much as for safety as in development to possess the best means to our scope.

The Mission of the entity is it of serving chord our Clients to his needs and expectations. Even contributing new visions and added value thanks to our extensive experience in the industrial sector. As for the Vision we consider ourselves to be an organism with professionals with extensive experience and capable formation of achieving that the Clients deposit in us his confidence thanks to our versatility and the facility of adjustment to the way.

The Direction acquires the commitment to communicate to the whole organization the importance of fulfilling so much the requirements of the Client as legal and regulation and of improving constant the efficiency of the system of management of the Quality and Security.

The qualit politics complements itself with the declaration of the following beginning:

• To satisfy the needs of our Clients, listening to them and involving them from the beginning of the contract / order in the determination of the Quality that satisfies them and in the systems for his obtaining.

•  To expire with the contractual requirements and with that legislation and regulation applicable to our products and services that determine other requirements of quality.

• To improve constant the efficiency and efficiency of our processes and of the systems of management.

• To plan the aims of quality, the activities and the necessary resources, to realize his follow-up and to take the necessary actions to obtain the chased results.

• To arouse to the personnel of the organization of the importance of his activities and of his contribution to the achievement of the aims.

• To form the persons of the organization to assure that his knowledge and his competitions are adapted to the current and future needs.

• To increase the activity with the aim of the creation of employment, the loyalty of the clients and the obtaining benefit.

• To promote the good environment and companionship in the place of work.

The Direction of the company demonstrates his determined interest to stimulate the prevention of the labor risks and the improvement continues of the conditions of Security and Health in the Work. As consequence of it, it assumes the commitment to lead, to develop and implant a Plan of Prevention inside the frame of the Law of Prevention of Labor Risks.

The above mentioned Plan contains the requirements to integrate the Prevention in the management of the company, that is to say, in the set of activities and decisions, so much in the technical processes, in the organization of the work, since in all the levels of the hierarchic line. The Prevention like that concebida turns into a Responsibility of EACH AND EVERY of which we are employed at the company. From the Direction and across the department of Coordination of Security and Health one works tirelessly to assure that our system of prevention should be effective and an index of accidents should obtain zero. It is our responsibility and commitment to implant sure practices and to generate value from the safety in the center of work. It performs cardinal importance for the company to anticipate the environmental pollution and other adverse impacts. The Direction of the company promises to provide the resources adapted for the development of the above mentioned Plan of Prevention, to spread it to the whole personnel and to stimulate his fulfillment.

Finally, it demonstrates his desire of which the whole organization should be involved in the development of the mentioned Plan, collaborating in the implantation of the same one and assuming everyone the obligations that correspond to him. INGASUR establishes his commitment with the environmental responsibility, in policies and commitments of obliged fulfillment in all the activities and locations. In the processes of production there are looked the most healthy and respectful practices by the environment. Likewise the company is compromised in the correct management of the generated residues and to look for the minor environmental possible impact inside the industrial activity that we give. The optimization is chased in the consumption of the material, energetic and water resources, as well as the use of clean energies and of products and services in favor of a Circular Economy. The Direction trusts that the whole Organization understands the transcendency of this document and integrates it in his style of work.

Riudoms, February, 12th  2018