INGASUR 95 RIUDOMS S.L., seeks to satisfy the needs and expectations of all its Clients and all the collaborating personnel of the entity. This is achieved by complying with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as the requirements related to the risks for Safety and Health at Work. The organization implements compliance with the requirements established in the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards.

INGASUR focuses on the Total Quality philosophy. This decision implies offering the best of each and every one of us in all production processes.

The organization sells specialized labor so we have a trained, trained and proactive staff. The organization invests in training: both in terms of safety and productive development to have the best professionals.

The main productive activities in lngasur include those listed below:

  1. Prefabrication of pipe elements and accessories, by preparing edges for pipes and accessories, and their subsequent welding.
  2. Assembly of prefabricated elements at the client’s location.
  3. Manufacture of industrial equipment and containers.
  4. CE marking of the manufactured equipment; whether pipe or vessels, if applicable.
  5. Prefabrication and assembly of metallic structures;
  6. CE marking of prefabricated structures, based on all the requirements of ISO 1090:2014.

Likewise, at the level of occupational safety, the commitment to lead, develop and implement a Prevention Plan is assumed within the framework of the Occupational Risk Prevention Law. Prevention thus conceived, becomes a Responsibility of EACH and EVERY ONE of us who work in lngasur. He then expressed his desire that the entire organization be involved in the development of the aforementioned Plan, collaborating in its implementation and each one assuming the corresponding obligations.

The organization, in turn, is committed to the correct management of the waste generated and seeks the least possible environmental impact within the industrial activity that is provided.

The Management trusts that the entire Organization understands the importance of this document and integrates it into its work style.